Saturday, September 8, 2012

Best Android apps

Hello all! I left here my top android apps that help me every day.


    This is a complete backup and restore app very useful if you frequently change your ROM. It also give's you the possibility to backup you app's data.


    An easy and very effective firewall. Allows you to block the apps you won't want them to access internet(3G and WiFi separately)


    Send free sms all over the world with this app. It works with most mobile companies of the globe. You're given an USA number, where you'll receive the answer if your friends reply to that number.


    An already well known online file sharing service. The mobile app helps you to sync your photos with the could automatically. If you dont have a data plan, you can choose to upload them only when WiFi is conected.


    Find out what's the song name that's currently being played in a disco. It doesn't introduce any new concept, but it works fine.


    A simple but beautiful and with lots of configuration calendar widget. It's very lightweight and doesn't consume any battery at all.

Note: I highly recommend you to root your phone. It's safe! And you'd get much more functionality that way.

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