Saturday, September 1, 2012

Files on the Cloud: the best of the best

Hi there! I've been doing a little bit of research about which online file sharing is the best, and I got to the following conclusions:

Google Drive

Pros: 5GB free. Very cheap pricing: $2.5/month for 25GB and $5/month for 100GB. The integration with google docs its an advantage.
Cons: no linux support yet.


    Pros: 2GB free, up to 23GB free doing referral and camera upload(easy to achieve). Supports all platforms and smartphones. Very easy to use and to share files.
    Cons: Pricing starts at $10/month for 100GB.


      Pros: 30GB free! It's a complete OS online. You can customize it and runs directly from a browser. Allows you to edit files online: doc, xls, jpg and more.
      Cons: no mobile app.

      For a complete review about Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive, SugarSync, iCloud and others check this link. But be aware, it's a little bit outdated.


        1. First of all, congratulations on your new blog. I know ull bring us interesting topics.

          I remember i used to use this file sharing hosting service called Microsoft SkyDrive. The access was easy since you had it already for having a Hotmail account.. you know.. that distant moment in human history when people had hotmail accounts xD
          Don't quite remember how much space you got (it wasn't that much) but it was enough for me to have my music in a easy medium to share, and was totally user friendly.

        2. Hello singmydream! Thanks for sharing your opinion =D

          Oh yeah, SkyDrive is also a pretty good choice. The space amount is quite generous: 7GB. A good thing about SkyDrive is the integration with Microsoft Office! But since it hasn't got access from Android nor iOS nor Linux, I didn't include it in my top list.

          See you!