Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kindle 4 get oxidized

Part 1:
The problem

I bought a Kindle 4 five months ago. Since then I've protecting my gadget using a cover that I've bought via focalprice. I'm so proud of my Kindle since is quite cheap, and reading books inhere is a pleasure. One day I get my Kindle out of the cover and realized that the back part of the kindle was dirty, with black spots. Doing a little of research I get to know that if you leave your Kindle inside some kind of covers I could get all oxidized.
Also my girlfriend and a friend of mine run in the same problem.

Part 2:
What Amazon said

I've send an email to amazon to complain about my defective Kindle 4. I didn't get an answer at all because I got an automatically email response. I'll be calling amazon in a couple of days and then I'm gonna update my post.

Part 3:

Unknown yet.

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