Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kindle 4 get oxidized

Part 1:
The problem

I bought a Kindle 4 five months ago. Since then I've protecting my gadget using a cover that I've bought via focalprice. I'm so proud of my Kindle since is quite cheap, and reading books inhere is a pleasure. One day I get my Kindle out of the cover and realized that the back part of the kindle was dirty, with black spots. Doing a little of research I get to know that if you leave your Kindle inside some kind of covers I could get all oxidized.
Also my girlfriend and a friend of mine run in the same problem.

Part 2:
What Amazon said

I've send an email to amazon to complain about my defective Kindle 4. I didn't get an answer at all because I got an automatically email response. I'll be calling amazon in a couple of days and then I'm gonna update my post.

Part 3:

Unknown yet.

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  1. It looks like the same process some silver jewelry tend to suffer (even more if you are a smoker because of skin toxins). Anyway, there are products just to "clean" silver and similar, perhabs that's the solution.

    I agree with you however, Amazon should be responsible.

  2. Hello Ignacio,
    Thank you very much for your collaboration. I'll dig on that!
    See you

  3. Amazon should be responsible or AT LEAST they should offer you more than just an automatic reply email. Quite disappointing.
    Apparently nobody knows why the stains on the back of the Kindle appears but the most popular theory is that some chemical in some covers reacts with the Kindle casing, or so I read.
    This happened to me, and the person who sold the cover to me told me he had read that it was exclusively a problem with the material the Kindle casing was made (of course, he would't tell me his cover had dyed my Kindle, would he?).