Thursday, November 1, 2012

What SVN hosting is better?

Since there are plenty of alternatives of free SVN hostings, I made this post to know which are the best. All of this alternatives are free.

Google code []

Its a easy to use, with google account integration that make it an easy way to start with SVN. It also provides a wiki integrated with the SVN repository that could be helpful to document open source projects and make them easy to share. A tool for code comparing between versions is available!

Better Codes []

It has a very heavy website, with very useful tools to handle a project. It's the best alternative if you want your project to be private. I know that sharing is good, but sometimes you need your projects to be private.

Assembla []

One great thing about Assembla is the email notification about commits. Each time a commit is done, all the team is going to be forwarded with the change-set and the details of the commit. It'd be annoying for some people, but for small projects it's cool stuff because it helps with communication.

I'll be increasing this list with more alternatives as long as I get the chance to discover other good SVN Hostings. If you know a hosting that doesn't appear in the list, then leave your comment in the section below and I'll add it!