Friday, March 14, 2014

What's on world? March 2014 II

I'm writing a second post in this same month because I found many interesting things lately.

New technology allows you to read really fast

How to speed up reading? The basic idea is that you spend more time jumping form word to word, rather than the time spent in understanding each word. So someone came up with the idea of showing one word over the previous, centered with some heuristic, and the results showed that you can read up to 5 times faster.

Lets say that this is the average speed of a person, 250 wpm:

A little bit more!

A finally a little bit more:


Human vs robot: real or fake?

Compare acquisition

This interesting webpage shows the acquisition of big tech companies such as Apple, Amazon, Google, Yahoo and Facebook.


Saturday, March 1, 2014

What's on world? March 2014

Wolfram Alpha Language

Wolfram recently released a new language. Check this video, its really amazing. It has many features form Mathematica, but also includes a lot new.


So this last quarter I've been following the companies Google has been buying.

The first interesting thing that I notice was a company dedicated to manufacture smart swatches. I'd be interested in having google release a smart-watch. I think its a new market that still is growing and it has lots of possibilities. By the way, Samsung recently announced its new brand of smart swatches.

The other interesting thing, more recent, was the acquisition of many companies dedicated to robotics, and also home automation. What if Google releases a Nexus H, which can convert your home into a futuristic home, with robotic servants and plug-and-play intelligent devices.

I'm particularly interested in this because I'm part of an entrepreneur about affordable house automation.

Check the full list of companies here.

Samsung S5 keynote

Tip of the day

Chrome users: type chrome://histograms/ :)