Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My trip to China

So for the past Christmas I went to visit one of my best friends in China. He was doing an internship in Shanghai. For me, it was my first time in Asia!

My friend(bottom) and me(top). We made a pair of fancy dragon silk shirts.

Beijing (Pekin)

Beijing is a very traditional city in China. It has lots of monuments related to the political history. I was seduced by its beauty, but unfortunately it's polluted in an insane way. You have to wear a mask to take care of your health. I guess that 80% of the people don't speak English, If you are planning to go there, be aware that chines people are very commercial people, like turkish people. Also be aware of tourist traps. My two favorite places there were the forbidden city. It was amazing to be there, in the inside! I was dreaming of visiting it since a long time! The other one is the Great Wall, you can see my happiness in the pictures below.

Forbidden city

Great Wall.

Great Wall.

Exotic food, three kinds of fungi with some weird cooked pork. It tasted really good.

Great Wall.

Playing around in Beijing, wearing masks to avoid pollution.

Forbiden city

Forbinden city

Beijing city

Standing at Tiananmen Square.


I found Shanghai to be a very occidental and modern city. You can find people who speaks English (and many other languages also), but not too much. It's a nice place to buy stuff. You can get very good prices, but for sure most of the things are imitation(some of them good imitations).
Me in Shanghai.

Eating at a Korean BBQ(you order raw food, and then cook it on your table).

Shanghai underground. Curiously it was empty.

MagLev train. Top commercial speed of 431 km/h (268 mph).

In many places you can get tailor-made shirts in one day, and a complete suit in three days, for a very nice price.

The city of Shanghai.