Friday, May 23, 2014

What's on world May 2014

Oshkosh Unmanned Trucks

Be sure to check 1:05 and 1:31, very cool parts of the video.

Fastest robot runner

New 3D printing concept: Draw on the air


Scale the universe

Check the scale of the things in our universe. I've seen many websites for this, but this one is my favorite.


10 minutes mail

This concept is not new, I just wanted to share it. Get an temporary email address.


Fake name generator

Do you want to register in a website and don't give your real name and other data?
Just play hard, using this tool:

Friday, May 2, 2014

Complete Database Course

There is available a advanced complete DB course given by Gary Boetticher courtesy of University of Houston Clear Lake. It's oriented to advanced users, who are currently learning about DB, probably at a lecture at university.

The topics covered include:
Relational Algebra
Functional Dependencies
Normal Forms

I found it very well explained to some complex topics. And you can even learn some tricks to calculate keys easily and much more.

Click here for the list of all videos

Amazon dives into TV

The prices is $99 USD. As I see it, it's something that already exists, but the voice feature is cool. Features:
  • Remote comes with voice control capabilities.
  • Android based.
  • Content is preloaded based on your tastes, so You may not have to wait to see your favorite movie or series when you sit.
  • Joystick controller ($40 USD) for playing games.

Not Netflix integration yet.