Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sharing my magic

The title sounds tremendously awesome, but It's not real magic. I decided to version and make public my bash profile, git config as well as many other config files (Sublime, Xcode, Vagrant). Also, I created a basic script to install all this magic and to be able to remove it, just in case I need to use a computer temporary.

I don't expect people to learn form this. I just share it so maybe someone can clone the repo and create its own version.

Find it here:

Also, in my previous jobs we were in need of a personalized code styling for Objective C, so I created a basic parser using RegEx. It's not the happiest thing on earth to maintain, but it was easy to code and use given the situation.

If you are interested in Objective C development, give it a look to the Xcode folder. I personally believe that Alcatraz is an awesome plugin manager.

Fabricio PH