Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What's on World August 2015

Hey! As always, I wanted to share some interesting stuff I've been finding this last weeks. This time is a short post I've been delaying for a while. Lately I been busy preparing my paperwork to join Google as a full-time in Switzerland. Later on I'll prepare a post about general tips for interviewing in big tech companies.

Project Soli by Google

Using a radar as an interface, for gesture detection.

Time-lapse Mining from Internet Photos

A cool paper about mining lots of pictures in the internet, normalizing them, and showing time-lapses.

Continue reading.

Chromecast update

Some good improvements came to Chromecast: autoplay, queuing, second screen and multiplayer gaming! Continue reading. Games are kind of basic for now, but lucky they will improve as long as the market grows.