Sunday, July 24, 2016

What's on world June 2016?

Lot's of things happen since the last time I wrote here. I participated in two hackathons, then I gave my first university tech talk representing Google! My purpose now is to share some cool news I've step by in the internet.

Sweden and Japan did a boost in electric transportation
Japan reached 40.000 electric car charging points! Read more here.
Sweden created the first highway for electric trucks! Read more here.

Samsung's new Smart fridge?
Samsung recently launched a new U$D 5.800 refrigerator. The obvious feature we all come up with is having a big tablet embed in the door (21.5 inches), but that's not all. But Samsung went a little bit further and used Android and developed some cool apps. Also, something that might not be the first time seen, is a set of cameras that allow you to look inside the fridge remotely, so If you don't know how much cream you have, you can take a look remotely ;)
Also, you can buy groceries directly from the tablet by using MasterCard's Groceries app.

How far are we from having the fridge automatically order our food based on availability, fresh organic markets nearby, and by our next events like diner with friends next Friday?

Boeing's laser field?
Some people say this is just marketing, but truth is Boeing made a patent for a force field made of lasers. I'd love to see if this becomes real soonish.
Read more here or just Google it.

The interesting question I'm waiting for is: What will happen with Yahoo?