Monday, February 13, 2017

Microsoft Edge

Given that I'm having troubles finding the right time to write posts, I decided to do small posts from time to time. I came up with this fashion way of calling it "snippets of the week".

Micosoft Edge

I was at a friend's house and instead of using my favorite browser I decided to try Edge, the latest web browser from Microsoft. First of all, I'm not a pro Apple/Microsoft/etc fan, I consider myself really open and unbiased, and I didn't like it.

The visual interface seem to be the same for touch-enabled laptops as well as those that are not. This makes the buttons really big for non-touch computers. Also the dropdown menues are really big and take a lot of space while displaying just some few options. Maybe in the future all the devices will converge to tactile, but for now this is not the case. So, in my opinion, having a 13 inches laptop with this big buttons it's not optimal, 

The default homepage is confusing. Lots of information is shown: bookmarks, recent sites, top sites, and lots of feed news that apparently are automatically adjusted to the user habits. After asking my friend, he told me never uses it and finds the content irrelevant.

As an advanced user, it was really hard for me to find the right place where settings are supposed to be. I didn't find it natural.

Finally, I don't think Microsoft is doing a fair game regarding the search engines that can be configured as default for the address bar. After finding the right place where this came be tweaked, the options displayed include Facebook, YouTube and some other. I was sad to discover Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and even Google were missing. I mean, come on, who uses YouTube or Facebook as their default search engine? Unbelievable.

As for rounding up my conclusions, I think it's a nice browser for an entry level user. Someone who never browsed the web before. But arguably the overloaded default homepage and the lack of an easy to show bookmarks bar complicates things a lot.
For medium expertise and advanced users, it's no go.