Friday, August 4, 2017

Tech Talks & Buenos Aires

Last week along with two Engineers and an University Specialist we visited my home country on a business trip. We spent a full week in Argentina doing “University Outreach”. This means that we went to a couple of universities to give tech talks about what we do on our engineering roles, how we work and what are some of the hardest problems we tackle. Also we promoted our internships for students and positions for new grads as well as experienced engineers.

"Youtube Deep Dive" at ITBA

Additionally, we hosted a set of ‘special talks’.

Firstly we gave a tech+recruiting talk at ECI (ECI is a set of one-week intensive classes that students from all around Argentina attend). The speaker was a former teacher of mine that now is working in Google Germany. She talked about the custom made linux distribution we use in Google for software development. Follow this link to learn about the talk.

"Linux at Google Scale" at ECI

Secondly, we gave a talk title “Interviewing Essentials @ Google” hosted in our Buenos Aires office. I was the speaker in this one. I talked about how to build a resume, what to study, how to prepare for interviews, and we did a mock interview sessions to practice problem solving. We had the pleasure to count on former interns to help us deal with the big group of attendants.

"Interviewing Essentials" at Google Buenos Aires

Finally, we hosted our classic ‘Google Games’. On this one-afternoon competition we invited students to solve problems in teams. It was a 3 hour event where 7 teams competed to win prizes (I wish I could go back time and participate in Google Games, because I never heard of them until I was hired).

Part of the team with the former interns

Overall I think it was a really rewarding experience. Of course it was out of what I do day-to-day at my desk in Google NYC. But looking back, it is challenging to try new things, to speak in public and share a bit of what you work on, and to give support to students. I am not going to lie here, some nights we slept few hours (cough cough 5), but it was well invested time. Some nights students didn’t want to leave and instead ask a bunch of questions, staying one hour and a half of the supposed end time! 😄

What is the bonus content? Of course going home to visit family and old friends, eating your favourite food, and visit the love of your life (my dachshund who resides in Argentina).

This is how the Faena Hotel received me

Final score 10/10 will do it again 👍

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